Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seriously? This is an ad .. for what???

Logged on to ohio.com lately? Go visit and you'll see an animated ad that leads to this picture.

Think a short skirt and legs surrounded by colorful shoes grabs your attention? You bet it does.

Now .. want to guess what the product is?

Believe it or not, it's for a natural gas supplier.

Not that showing a gas meter or a well would grab my attention, but umm .. just how dumb are we?


Anonymous said...


Sometimes the particular ad that is displayed on a website is based, tailored, or triggered by the content of the story or article being requested.

In this case, I notice that the story being accessed was "TEEN STRIPPER DETAINED IN AKRON".

Perhaps a little less sexual ad would have been displayed if the web surfer had been reading a story titled "Mother Theresa Honored Again".

Ann said...

Nope - the ad is cross-platform. The subtext that women have a lot of shoes and wear short skirts is awfully sexist for a product that is purchased equally by both genders (unless the natural gas folks don't think women can be head of households).

Eric Mansfield said...

Yes .. I can see your thought process .. but this same pop-up ad appears regardless of the story.

The teen stripper story was listed as one of the most viewed (imagine that) on ohio.com .. so i clicked on it and then took a snap shot of the site for the blog.

Still .. is that really the route to go when pushing natural gas?

Anonymous said...

It's on the Plain Dealer website as well...I like it.

Ed Esposito said...

Could be worse...could have been an ad in the food pages with a recipe for baked beans...

Dan said...

It's better than this hilariously disgusting Quizno’s ad:

2 Girls, 1 Sub: Quizno’s Marketing Department Disgusts and Baffles Me

Anonymous said...

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