Friday, May 8, 2009

Movie about LeBron, St. V Team enticing

I had a great chat with a good friend, David Lee Morgan, yesterday. He's a great writer and an even better man.

He joined Monica and me for a live segment talking about LeBron's growth and success. As author of LeBron James, the first book on The Chosen One, David gets a lot of calls for interviews about what LBJ was really like in high school.

I'll write more when I get time ... but David sent me this link to the preview trailer for "More Than A Game", the documentary movie that's set for a fall release. Check it out .. looks great.

Here also is David's interview from last night .. good insight in our FOCUS segment.

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Ann said...

David Lee Morgan's book is a fascinating look at LeBron's formative years based on years of reporting Morgan did on high school sports for the Beacon Journal. I think of moments from his book a lot as LeBron takes the Cavs closer to a championship.