Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Plane crash, RAM event canceled in busy news day

Our newsroom is buzzing with a number of developing stories ...

First, the RAM free medical event this weekend has now been canceled. An event that was expected to draw thousands of folks to the Cleveland area for a weekend of free medical care has been deemed two dangerous by state leaders who fear the swine flu spreading in large crowds. Monica Robins will have all the details at six, but she's pretty disappointed. She worked hard on her end to help bring this event to life. She and others are wondering if this means sporting events might also have to be canceled .. stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Childrens Hospital has issued a restriction on visitors while the swine flu continues to be an issue. It's just a precaution, but it's another reaction to this story that can't go unreported. I hear a lot of media bashing going on right now in talk radio .. as though the media is making too much of the swine flu problem .. but considering our President issued a health emergency and the CDC is now sending all 50 states flu treatment meds from the strategic reserve, wouldn't the media be dropping the ball if we didn't give this story heavy coverage?

Also .. we've got crews headed to Mayfield Village right now. At least one dead in a plane crash involving a prop plane. Dave Summer is out there for us and will lead our 6 p.m. report with the details.

I spent most of the day in Akron working on a story for next week on the next wave of law enforcement -- computer crime fighters. If the existing training programs continue to grow, Akron could become the place for those wanting to play CSI on the computer.

I began my day on Jesse Avenue in North Hill .. speaking with the family of Diane Mitchell-McMillan, who was gunned down early Sunday morning by a killer who fired through the front of her home. What a senseless, pointless killing. At first Diane's family was very vocal about not wanting the killing on the news in any fashion, but later in the day, they called me and asked me to come back to hear their story. Sometimes illuminating the loss can help lead to information coming forward. Prayers for all involved on this one.

I'm also keeping tabs around NE Ohio as the axe continues to fall at Clear Channel shops. Vincent Duffy hears that CC is chopping almost 600 jobs today alone. There are multiple reports that Brian and Joe from 106.5. Those guys have been on forever!

Busy day indeed .. more in a bit .. Eric


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Brad Fallon said...

why does 3 1gig ram chips crash my computer, but 2 1gig ram chips and 2 512 mg chips doesn't?