Monday, April 13, 2009

Back on the news treadmill

Odds and ends as I return to work from a much-needed break ..

I expect the trial of Ashford Thompson will be quite emotional indeed. The manner in which he shot and killed Twinsburg Police Officer Joshua Miktarian leaves little room to argue anything in his defense. I'm interested to see how defense attorney Eddie Sipplin addresses the court when opening statements begin this afternoon. I'm not sure why a trial happening in downtown Akron requires the ABJ to credit the Plain Dealer for the info included on .. read here. I can only assume that it's because of staff shortages .. but I would think just about anyone in the ABJ's newsroom could have written those four paragraphs from memory.

Browns supposedly close to deals that could send Brady Quinn and/or Braylon Edwards packing, according to I'd be really surprised to see Quinn go .. but I guess nothing is off the table when it comes to the Browns these days. If that happens today, expect our evening news plans to get turned upside down.

4,200 signatures sounds like a lot and -- providing each name is that of a valid Akron voter -- will be enough to warrant the recall election. We'll have to see if the petitions go unchallenged, but this certainly takes the debate to the next level. I've long since been telling the members seeking the recall that it's not up the media to be the messenger for their campaign to remove Don Plusquellic. If the issue gets on the ballot -- which is more likely now -- then it becomes an issue certain to warrant more media discussion. I did get quite an email from the petition folks complaining that our news cameras weren't there on Friday when the petitions were presented to Akron City Hall. I responded that a) I'm out of the office so contact the news desk directly .. and b) good luck getting television coverage when you choose to file opposite the Cleveland Indians home opener. Let's just say that most groups seeking television news attention know that there are certain days/times to stay away from .. and Opening Day is one of them.

Along that same line of thinking .. I'm amazed at the number of local groups that will leave me a voicemail about their organization's event even though my message states that I am out of town and that they should call the news desk instead. There's nothing like getting a message about a news event that has already happened.

Good to be back .. much more to write about .. more later .. Eric

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