Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Energy layoffs top 300 .. 250 others "reassigned" ..

The official word from First Energy is 335, and about half of those jobs are in Akron.

That hurts. Those are real families with real needs, and it's not like there's jobs waiting here in town for them.

Those who are "safe" aren't necessarily feeling that way. Relieved? Probably. Not safe.

A source tells me that 250+ others have been "reassigned" with no relocation or pay cut. Another 25 were given "offers" that include a pay cut and/or reassignment ... which could lead to severance.

I'm told that FE didn't waste time getting right to the point with each employee so they knew where they stood. By mid-morning, conference calls were in play across the company so everyone knew the score.

As one employee told me, "it was definitely more humane than what happened at the PD."

Question is .. is FE done? What is it that didn't happen in the economy that felt it needed cuts like these? Are people not paying their electric bills? Using less power?


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