Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ducking bricks, looking for jobs makes for a wild day

There was a crash on East Market Street today, but it had nothing to do with cars.

A big brick wall that was slowly being brought down as part of the demolition of the old Sokol's store near Arlington Street just decided it was done living. Instead of coming apart brick-by-brick, ye old 25-foot-tall hardened rock of memories decided it wanted to come down in one big chunk.

Yikes. We were actually on scene before the police got there to shut down the road. Obviously, the only news that counts was that no one was hurt. I took a photo for our website and my videographer, Larry, got some video for the news.

What we didn't have room to mention tonight was that the guy up in the cherry picker who chose the wrong jack from the brick house of cards was stuck up there. Too many bricks were piled up on the base unit. He eventually got done, but at one point he yelled down to the cleanup crews below, "I don't know what the heck happened!"

Meanwhile, I'll not soon forget today's trip to Canton for a job fair. Hundreds and hundreds of people -- many of whom have been out of work for months -- looking for real employment. I found out later that a close friend of mine was in the crowd too, hoping to get a job selling life insurance if that meant a paycheck.

Any time you or I think we should complain about our jobs, think of these folks:

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