Monday, January 12, 2009

Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp from "Rent" are classy guys in person

OK .. one of the perks of working at a TV station is that when stars come by for an interview, I get to meet them.

As a big fan of Rent, I was drawn to come to work early last week to see Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp (a.k.a. "Roger" and "Mark") on Good Company, which included two interview segments and a third segment in which they performed. (Watch clip below)

Can I just say how cool these guys are in person? Anthony chatted with my wife, Lisa, about ideas for performing Rent in a smaller theater. I asked Adam what it's like to get mad at one another every night as part of their characters, and he told me that "the music helps a lot." Both talked about how strong the cast is for the touring show.

I just know that not everyone in the entertainment business is that down to earth.

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Chris H. said...

It's good to know they're good peopl.