Friday, December 19, 2008

House cleaning at the Summit Co. Prosecutor's Office?

I'm hearing rumbles that a shakeup is underway in Sherri Bevan Walsh's office .... and that multiple prosecutors are out. Turns out it's true.

As with all county agencies, the PO was required to cut five percent to meet the economy problems and that meant jobs, including some front-line prosecutors and others behind the scenes.

The most notable name is Mike Carrol, who many will recall teamed with (now judge) Alison McCarty in prosecuting Doug Prade 10 years ago. Carrol is well-respected in the law community and I'm told was set to retire in 2009 anyway, but retired early to help with the finances of the office.

Most are getting the news as I write this ..

I haven't been able to talk with Sherri or any of her senior staff yet, but when I get more details, I'll have them here .. Eric


Chris H. said...
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Anonymous said...

Firing Becky and forcing Mike to retires is insane. Unfortunately, they're two of the very few who are effective in the criminal division. My hope is that they do what many former asst prosecutors have done and go into private practice and make the office look foolish. It's sad that so many cases get lost because of incompetence. Justice just ain't what it used to be.