Monday, December 29, 2008

Canton's McDaniels among leading candidates to replace Crennel

Ok .. so it looks like Bill Cower is definitely out of the running, but how cool would it be to have a local guy as the head coach of the Browns?

Owner Al Lerner confirms that Josh McDaniels is in the running to be the next head coach.

McDaniels played QB at Canton McKinley and rose quickly in the coaching ranks to his current role as Offensive Coordinator of the Patriots -- as in the New England Patriots with Tom Brady that went 16-0 in the regular season last year.

He's only in his mid-30's but is regarded as one of the best young offensive-minded coaches in the league.

And .. for what it's worth .. wouldn't it be nice to get an offensive coach, considering the offensive weapons (I use the word "weapons" loosely as dropped passes and motorcycle crashes have dampened some of the thunder there) the Browns have acquired the last few years?

His father, Thom, coached him in high school and recently stepped down as Jackson High's head coach, although he's quoted as saying that he'd like to continue as an assistant coach.

Still .. how cool would it be to see the team's new top dog be a guy who grew up watching the Browns on rabbit ears during the days that Modell blacked out games?

And to do it coming from the same area as Paul Brown?

Who knows! With Josh McDaniels in charge, maybe some of the folks in Tiger Town will stop rooting for the Bengals ..


buck said...

There will be some Massillon fans eternally bitter that Art Modell canned Paul Brown and those fans will continue to root for Cincy.

Josh McDaniels played for McKinley. His dad coached for McKinley. And as you mentioned, Thom recently coached at Jackson. Some Massillon fanatics will always hold that against them. Oh, well.

For me, as a Massillon grad, I am not that bitter and dramatic about the whole high school thing. I would be happy to see someone with local ties turn the Browns around. What McDaniels has done with the Patriot offense even after Brady went down is incredible.

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer the best coach available. If that is McDaniels, then great. But if not, local ties mean nothing if he can't win.

Anonymous said...

Off message:

My mother installed her converter box and now she can't get your station. She's very upset. Will she have to wait until February 18? All she can get now is PBS Kent, ABC and the Spanish channel.

Brian said...


Channel 3 is broadcasting on a lower lever and hopes to be a full strength by Feb. 17th.

However, depending on her location, she should be able to receive channels 5, 8, 19 & 43 (all are operating at good strength).

I would suggest making a small investment in an antenna. The antenna is the biggest factor in receiving digital.

If you still have problems, you can always call PBS Kent. They seem to be very outgoing for the digital conversion.

Chris H. said...

Ah yes.

I remember the days of pitching the local ties story every time the Patriots made the Super Bowl or went undefeated.

And every year we failed to do it.

I'm not bitter.

Chris H. said...
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Ben said...

I feel like the Browns can do better.

Anonymous said...

McDaniels would be far better than a washed up loser from the Jets,of course that does'nt really matter though with the way management has ran the Browns into the dirt, literaly over the past decades.No championships since Paul Brown,how disgusting.Who knowns maybe someday after we are all dead and gone Cleveland might win a superbowl,nah!