Thursday, November 6, 2008

NewsNight Akron one-hour post-election special

Just when you thought you'd heard it all on the elections, we're expanding Friday night's NewsNight Akron broadcast to a full hour.

Just too much to cover in our regularly-scheduled 30 minutes.

Jody Miller, Steve Hoffman, and Ed Esposito will be along for the ride ... but we'll also hear from local political bloggers Ben Keeler and Kyle Kutuchief as well as Steve Brooks of the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics.

So it will be my job to keep this expanded panel under control (wish me luck) .. and I'd love your help.

Got a question on Issue 8? An unresolved personal thought on gambling in Ohio? Wondering why a certain group of Ohioans voted a certain way?

Tell me what you'd like to know from this panel, and I'll ask as many as I can during the broadcast.

You can post your thought/question here .. or email me at While I allow anonymous posts here on my blog, please include a first name and a city on your idea so that I can reference it accordingly.
See ya at 9 p.m. Friday night on Western Reserve Public Media (Channels 45/49).


Anonymous said...

When are the talking heads on NEWS NIGHT AKRON finally going to call out the Mayor for making comments like "a special place reserved in hell." I find it appalling the mayor would resort to such a vicious attack and use religion to boot. C'mon Eric, Ed, Jody, and espcially the Mayor Loving Steve, it's time you criticize this Mayor when he does wrong. The Mayor says he blames himself for not getting the message out. Mr. Mayor, don't blame the messenger, blame THE MESSAGE!. People heard what you were saying, they just didn't like it. Create a scholarship program, (not a loan program) by approaching all the CEOs whose companies have been subsidized over the years by the tax payers. One company can give 10 million for a stadium. I am sure they can give some money for a scholarship program.

The scholarship idea is alive and well. Selling the Sewers idea has been flushed down the toilet by SOS.

Loyal Reader said...

The vilest invective always comes from the anonymous.

Eric Mansfield said...

I think if you look back over previous NNA shows (and they're all on-line so feel free to watch them) you'll see that panelists have been quite critical of this issue as it developed.

As for "the special place in hell .." we haven't had a show yet .. until tonight ...

and the folks you mention -- me included -- have both criticized and praised the mayor and city hall as the issue warranted.

Like I said, go back and watch a few episodes and maybe you'll catch up ..

And for the record, I was there when the Mayor made that comment Tuesday night .. and it wasn't aimed at everyone who voted against the idea .. only those the Mayor believes misled the masses with false information.

See ya at 9 p.m. tonight for NNA!


Chris said...

Now that Issue 5 has passed, what's to stop the payday lenders from changing the manner in which they charge the people who require their services? For example, why can't they just say that instead of it being a high-percentage-rate loan, the $15 per $100 is a "processing fee"?
Chris, Norton, OH

Anonymous said...

So the Mayor was blunt again in expressing how he sees things again. Not much news there. How about reporting the delay continuing delays of the prosecution of John Kormendy. He was the subject of a major drug bust that took place at his home at 825 Silvercrest Ave Akron, OH 44314.
John Kormendy is also suspected of contributing to the death September 1st of one of the confidential informants in the case.
For as much good press as the prosecutors office received for making the bust back in June, they sure have dragged their feet in prosecuting this guy. Even allowing a reduction in bail, allowing him to remain free to harass the dead informants family and friends by telephone.
They are even allowing him to continue to sell stolen merchandise on his ebay storefront Jokor Discount Warehouse. But why follow up on major drug busts like this one when the press can cover something more substantial like the Mayor's bluntness.

Anonymous said...

I watched News Night Akron Nov. 7 just to see what you would say about the defeat of Issue 8 and the passage of Issue 9. Not one of the panelists gets it. Issue 8 would have privatized the sewer system of ALL the citizens of Akron to benefit a minority of students in Akron. The eligibility rules
passed by Council were discriminatory to religious, economic and social groups. Roman Catholic students going only to St.V, Hoban & Our Lady of the Elms would be eligible for scholarships but not those students who attend other religious schools such as the Protestant Arlington Christian Academy or the Jewish Lippman Day school. Home schooled children from families well-off enough to survive on one income would be eligible, but no scholarships for mostly poor children who go to public or charter schools. Akron children who go to Copley/Fairlawn would be eligible, but not Akron children who go to Spring Garden Waldorf school.

Think about what this says to hundreds of Akron children - you are the wrong religion, you are from the wrong economic group, because of choices your parents made you are a throw-away kid who doesn't deserve a scholarship. This was a VILE and EVIL plan. Those of you who claim to be journalists said NOT ONE WORD about this discrimination- not on the air, not in print. SHAME ON YOU ALL.

The citizens of Akron were not fooled by that spate of editorials in the Beacon Journal, nor do they trust the mayor or City Council to look our for their interests over those of a small group of connected people and companies. They were smart enough to vote down Issue 8 and pass Issue 9 so this kind of scam can't be pushed through Council by a mayor who has so little respect for the citizens of Akron or his office that he would tell us to go to hell.

As a group of Akron policeman told me, "We're in Hell every day with this mayor."

Let's get some real reporting from your panel. Tell us how far in debt our "generous" mayor has put this city. Do some research and tell us how much of our money has gone to the big developers and the big corporations. And whatever happened to the accounting of the mayor's golf outings?

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