Monday, November 24, 2008

Ellet seceding from Akron? Are we fighting separatists?

Actual post a few minutes ago on the Associated Press wires:

ELLET, Ohio (AP) -- Some postal workers in the Akron area will have their usual special delivery for people with no friends or family to join for Thanksgiving. Continuing a tradition that began 15 years ago, employees from the Ellet (EHL'-eht) post office will serve up a free turkey-day dinner for anyone in need of a place to go for the holiday. Thursday's meal will be offered from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Ellet Amateur Athletic Association building. The postal workers first provided a free Thanksgiving dinner in 1993 after they won a $250 on-the-job safety award. About 125 people showed up.
In recent years, more than 500 meals have been served.
Ellet is 5 miles east of Akron.

Now .. correct me if I'm wrong .. but when did Ellet secede from Akron? Did the Orangemen & Orangewomen go free agent and not tell us?

Somewhere ... someone at City Hall is laughing on the inside.

Somewhere else .. someone in Southeast Akron is not.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I live in Ellet and I never hear anyone say they are from Ellet is always Akron OH and then when they ask what part of Akron it is Ellet. I think that was the press doing that themselves.

Chris H. said...

If they have seceded, it's time for Don to raise an army.

Eric Mansfield said...

UPDATE: After forwarding this email to Ed Esposito at WAKR (for humor of course), EE contacted the AP, which put out a correction this afternoon.

Still ...

Anonymous said...

Even as a life-long Akronite (I grew up in Goodyear Heights) the energy does feel a bit different out there from the city's other established neighborhoods. Driving s/b on Rt.91/Canton Road, just before "Downtown Ellet" I've noticed some "Ellet Orangeman" banners on telephone poles that I don't remember seeing before. Coincidence? Maybe... or not.

Whatever the case, I'd say it has something to do with Ellet's origins. Ellet wasn't originally part of Akron, and unlike Goodyear Heights or Firestone Park, its founders actually intended for it to be an incorporated suburb, similar to Kenmore, or perhaps much more successfully, Cuyahoga Falls.

The way I understand it, that dream literally died at the doorstep of Akron's then-booming Rubber Industry on Market Street. With so many thousands of people migrating into town literally by the day, the Ellet community was so inundated that it had no chance of setting up its' own police, fire, maintenance and other services at the appropriate level of quality necessary to sustain peace and order. They had no choice but to petition Akron to annex them into the city, which Akron agreed to do in 1929.

In spite of this, Ellet to this day retains a strong separate identity from Akron (i.e. just check the real estate listings for mention of "Ellet Schools"). So maybe the AP could be forgiven for thinking of Ellet as its' own town. It once was.

Anonymous said...

those banners have been there since 2002 my senior year there. it was just something to show school spirit when driving through. nothing more.

Anonymous said...

If the Mayor isn't recalled maybe we should