Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Akron-area union leaders boycott McDonald's!

As only Akron politics can be sometimes ... apparently Mayor Plusquellic's golden tones at the golden arches isn't sitting well with local union folks.

They'd don't like mingling Issue 8 with where they ate.

If you haven't heard by now, the local owner of eight Mickey D's is a big supporter of Issue 8 (Sewers for Scholarships) so he is playing a recording of Plusquellic pitching the issue via the drive-thru speakers followed by him asking for your order. It's actually very humorous, ala David Letterman.

Well ....... I just hung up with Tom Morneweck, who is President of AFSCME local 1229, and he definitely doesn't want fries with his order. In fact, he doesn't want to order any more at all.

He tells me that during a meeting last night with the leaders of 88 local unions -- 90 if you count two local FOP groups --- there was a unanimous vote to boycott the McDonald's restaurants that are involved.

Morneweck tells me that union leaders feel that the sewer lease proposal is too risky and they don't take kindly to a meal ticket -- one which isn't a union shop by the way -- allowing Big Don access to their Big Macs.

I asked Morneweck if any of the unions would picket, and he wasn't sure yet. However, union leaders are now emailing and calling their members telling them that it's not OK for McD's to play DP.

Again ... ain't Akron politics fun? More later .. Eric


R.S. said...

First of all just think of how much healthier these people will be by not going to McDonald's. And do they really think people can understand the message from the mayor? Usually the speakers at these fast food places are almost impossible to understand.
It's a shame that boycotting a few McDonald's is so important to them when this world we live in today needs so much more.
Yesterday I had to drop off some forms to the USO in N.Canton. The place was filled with people packing Christmas trees to send to the soldiers overseas. There were trees everywhere. Most of the people were senior citizens volunteering their time doing something possivite to help make this world a better place. Now that's a story I'd rather hear.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know which Unions are involved in this boycott. Alot of them seem to support this issue.
They are listed on the website below.

I am voting no since there doesnt seem to be much information and to many unanswered questions.

Village Green said...

Aw too bad! I can't boycott McDonald's because I refuse to eat there anyway.

Hate 8, 9's fine with me.

Anonymous said...

It will be a very hot day in Ohio before I frequent any of Mr. Morneweck's McDonalds. I don't want a message with my soda and hamburger. I am perfectly able to research the issues and make an informed decision about any issue or candidate.

RS, you're very right about the more important needs of the community and I strongly believe that those of us who read and respond to these blogs are those citizens who are doing what we can to make things better. Like most other registered voters in this country I have been bombarded with unsolicited phone messages, mailings, television ads and politicians wanting to shake my hand and "get to know their current/potential constituents" over the past year. They all can stop! I've read it all and made my choices--whatever "they publish/say/mail in the next 6 days WILL NOT sway me!

rl said...

Well, har-de-har-har...

...good thing the "Akron-area union leaders" don't speak for the local membership, eh? As a former Executive Board Member and Chief Steward of AFSCME Local 153 at K.S.U. I'd have to report that, if Morneweck and company, the "leaders" of the Akron Region of Ohio Council 8, couldn't even hold the President of AFSCME Ohio Council 8's feet to the fire, how could they ever hope to deal with a national business such as McDonalds?

You were right, Eric, to ask em to stand up and be counted! Much as with the recent PARTA "union brotherhood" here, don't ya know!

rl said...
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