Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What you're not hearing about APD right now ..

Two stories are quietly unfolding behind the scenes of APD. One involving an officer's possible punishment .. and the other involving the chance several officers might turn in their badges.

Here's what I've been told:

First, sources tell me that negotiations continue with embattled detective Vincent Felber. He's the officer who penned Perfect Beauty about the investigation into Cynthia George and the murder of one of her lovers by another.

Felber's prose took aim at his fellow officers and supervisors (and himself too) for mistakes he claims were made during the investigation .. with some of the claims hitting pretty close to the bullet-proof vest. So last April, Felber was reassigned to the radio room while the city began an internal investigation to see if Felber broke any rules, laws, or just flat out crossed line.

Four-plus months later, Felber is still supervising radio operations instead of solving cases.

Sources tell me that the city has been negotiating offers to Felber to take anywhere from a 45-day to a six-month suspension .. and then he would be reassigned to another division within the department. Whether Felber accepts any punishment for exercising what he believes were his First Amendment Rights is something else altogether.

Either way, the city is caught between free speech and a hard place.

Meanwhile ... three to four other APD officers are considering leaving APD for a job with the University of Akron Police Force. UAPD is reportedly in need of minority and female officers, and has other openings as well .. so there's an opportunity there.

Also, as University of Akron employees, the officers' children would have educational benefits (free tuition). I'm not sure how the pay compares, but that's a pretty attractive package for officers raising a family.
I don't believe any of the Akron officers has been offered a position yet, but sources on several shifts tell me that some of Akron's finest are definitely pursuing the opportunity.


Anonymous said...

You cann't blame the officers for wanting to leave, they want to work were their bosses support them not like city hall who doesn't. Look at the 2 officers that were fired [that was 16 weeks ago] for doing their job. Their lives have been put on hold until the Mayor decides he can find the time to give them a decision. That's wrong they need toget on with their lives.

Anonymous said...

In the recent FOP Times edition & according to the FOP President, Paul Hlynsky, Officers are scared that the Dept doesn't back them. Officers are afraid that they will be abandoned, used as political tools, face discipline or be fired at the drop of a hat & will not have their actions looked at objectively by the senior members of the Police & City Administrations (Taken straight from the article). I believe more Officers will leave & that is truly sad for the city of Akron & its residents.

Anonymous said...

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