Monday, September 15, 2008

Sarah Palin coming to Akron-Canton today!

She's coming .. but she's not speaking ... er, actually she is speaking .. just not to us .. or where you can hear her .. "us" as in the media .. but she will be talking .. just not where you can see her .. but you can still see her .. at the airport .. you just can't talk to her .. unless you yell .. which the Secret Service won't appreciate.

Got it?

Sarah Palin is scheduled to arrive at CAK this afternoon .. and the media coordination notes are all going out so that we can have our cameras and crews in place. Yet, as of now, all that the media will get is a shot of her coming down the stairs and into a car.

She's headed to Jackson Township for a private fundraiser, and then she's back on the plane and out of here.

Oh, the media can get video of her boarding the plane again too.

But that's it.

The public is welcome to come and wave at her ... from a distance.

While the media must be in place at the airport just after lunch, doors to the public open at 3!

But don't blink .. cuz she won't be visible very long.

Anyone else think that it's odd to send a candidate into the critical state for the election and not have her do something that rallies voters?


Anonymous said...

Not when she hasn't been fully vetted . . . or campaign-trained . . . or has any experience dealing with the media . . . or knows what the Bush Doctrine is . . . and can raise a butt-load of money for the campaign. Sounds about right.

Village Green said...

Only the very rich people get to meet and greet Palin. The rest of us must swoon from afar because she is such a great wolf-shooting, moose-skinning, basket-ball barracuda, highly unqualified VP candidate.

Ben said...

There is a public rally tomorrow you could attend Village Green if you really want to see her.

Just like I am sure you cant go to Obama's private fundraisers, you cant go to the Palin event today.

Eric Mansfield said...

What details do you have on a public rally tomorrow for Palin? Is it local?
Her office has only notified us of today's landing and taking off from CAK.


Eric Mansfield said...

Nevermind, I found it.

She's in Vienna tomorrow afternoon WITH McCain.

Think NE Ohio is becoming Ground Zero?

Matt said...

You should decline to give her press coverage if she won't talk to you.

Why allow a campaign to dictate your coverage to you in this way? Acquiesce, and your institution becomes a propaganda tool. said...

I don't find shielding Palin from the press surprising at all.

It's a pattern now.

Dan said...

Ben- All campaigns have private fundraisers. But Obama and Biden both frequently answer questions from the press--something Palin has never done.

olevia said...

Eric - long-time fan, first-time poster. I "tweeted" this blog entry to Jay Rosen (Press Think) and he picked it up this evening (Sun 9/28). Here's the link to his tweet

Eric Mansfield said...

Thanks for the note ... and for checking out my blog from time-to-time. Glad you finally posted!
Oddly enough, I just met and interviewed Jay a week ago at Kent State at an ethics conference!
The Palin issue will be one we talk about in politics for many years to come.