Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Obama Blog Take 2

9:25 a.m. After being tossed out for the security sweep, I've found another wireless connection in the campus parking lot. A great many students have no idea what's going on and assume the worst when they see a sea of live trucks and news crews. Once we tell them everything's ok and that Sen. Obama is coming to campus, their eyes light up and they ask for tickets. Unfortunately, it's by invitation only. And there's only about 100 seats in the outdoor courtyard.

9:51 a.m. Seems our Q&A with Obama will be after he speaks to the women in the courtyard and it will be off in a side room. With each station only having one camera in the courtyard, the time it takes to break down and get in the interview room will be limited and may cost us some interviews with the crowd, but that's an acceptable sacrifice. While I'm still framing my one question I'll get to ask, I wonder what you would ask? Share your comments below . .and if I get a second question opportunity, maybe I'll ask yours. Eric

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