Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton coming to Ellet High School

Details are now being released of Hillary Clinton's visit to Akron .. set for this Sunday.

It's now set for Ellet High School. Doors open at 2 p.m. and the rally begins at 3:30 p.m.
I'm not sure if she'll wear orange ... but maybe Bob Otterman has something she can borrow.

You don't need tickets, but if you'd like to attend, you're encouraged to RSVP so they know you're coming. Click here!

A release from the campaign says: "For security reasons, do not bring bags. Please limit personal items. No signs or banners allowed."

Clinton will also be at Lorain Community College .. doors there open at 11:30 a.m.

I'll post other local appearances from both sides the Presidential race as they're scheduled. EM


Anonymous said...


Why not Firestone High School? Much more gym seating and I think the auditorium is bigger too.

Your link to RSVP goes to an Obama site.

FTC said...

It probably has much to do with ties between the Clintons and Democratic State Rep. John Otterman, who is a life-long Elletian. If Otterman had any say in the choice of venue, he'd naturally select his alma mater, Ellet High, to host the event.

If the anticipated turnout was expected to be more than the Ellet new gym's max capacity of 2400, they'd probably have opted for the JAR at UA instead (5500). Of course, it could still be moved to the JAR or maybe North High's gym (3200?) if enthusiasm for Sen. Clinton's hasn't waned all that much.

Firestone High does have a decent-sized gym and it is the largest of the seven Akron high schools' gyms, but getting in and out of that parking lot and surrounding neighborhood can truly be a nightmare after a major game or event. Ellet, to me at least, always seemed comparatively easier, which might have also been a consideration for Clinton's security. Ellet is also fairly close to I-76, whereas Firestone is some ways back from I-77.

Eric Mansfield said...

Good points all ..

First, it's a rally for Obama (Clinton is just the speaker) so that's why the RSVP link goes to an Obama site ..

Second, sometimes politicians would rather have a smaller venue that's packed, than a larger venue that might have empty seats or be so loud that it's difficult to hear.

Not sure if she skipped the Knight Center because Obama had already spoken there and no one likes to compare events ..

Remember when Bill Clinton packed the Airdock?

Personally, I'd rather she go to my Alma Mater, North High School (3-0 and playing Garfield tonight by the way) .. but it's good to see some stomps in Akron.

Expect the others to not be far behind ..


Anonymous said...

We'd like to come to this, but are concerned about driving 100+ miles and not being able to get in. Anyone have a sense of what the expected turnout is? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the expected turn out, but it's a small gym for this type of rally, I would think. It's not air conditioned, and it's supposed to be 84 today. I graduated in this gym, and it's not the most comfortable seating~on bleachers.