Monday, September 1, 2008

Do you have a connection to Gustav?

If your loved ones are in the hurricane's path .. or if you or your loved ones here in the Akron area are headed to the zone to help, drop me an e-mail at I'm looking for as many local connections as I can find for stories to fill the next few days ... and certainly want to give our local heroes the credit they deserved.

Just yesterday, a five-man team left the National Guard Armory near the Akron-Canton Airport. They're flying a CH-47 Chinook helicopter to the hurricane zone and awaiting missions. A Guard spokesman told that the crew has arrived in Nashville and is awaiting further order, and more Ohio Guardsmen could be headed to the zone once the damage is assessed.

I also checked with the City of Akron after hearing that the Fire Department's dive team was headed to NOLA, but a spokesman tells me the dive team is on a "standby list" so there has been no activation as of yet.

I'm certainly having flashbacks of when I was activated in 2005 with the Ohio Guard for Katrina. Can't believe these folks are enduring another major hurricane so soon.

Anyway .. looking for local connections .. so drop me a line! Eric

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