Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Biden interview

It's 9:49 p.m. and I'm just back to the office .. after a long day covering Joe Biden's campaign stop in Wooster.

After his speech, I was granted the only interview .. speaking to Biden on-camera for nearly 10 minutes, and then off-camera for another 10 -- before he boarded his bus for the hotel.

The entire interview will be up on in just a bit ... so you can watch it in its entirety there ... and I'll blog about it tomorrow, including some of the behind-the-scenes moments.

Tired tonight ... but glad to have had access to ask Biden about some real issues facing NE Ohio:

  • keeping local students from leaving Ohio because college is more affordable in neighboring states
  • helping area families who've faced foreclosures to get back into homes again
  • how to help Ohio win the "civil war" with the southern states that are luring our companies to leave town
  • ways to balance the benefits for the thousands of Ohio Guardsmen and Reservists so that they get the same treatment as the Active Duty.
Watch it and decide for yourself.

More tomorrow .. Eric


Becky said...

Yes we are horrible here in the southern states. Guess that is why I moved when under the wonderful DEMOCRATIC governor the tax rate was raised (illegally) so high that many companies left Ohio.Love your truly biased reporting. Don't lump all our military personnel in your boat, not all of them agree with you either.

buck said...

Becky...I disagree with your post being critical of Eric's questions for Mr. Biden.

Keeping students in Ohio, foreclosures, keeping companies in Ohio, and getting fair or more balanced treatment for those who serve in our military all seem like non-partisan issues to me. Heck, steel factories have moved overseas. And yes indeed, companies have moved out of Ohio and into the south.

What's wrong with asking questions of a candidate about how to make life better for people in Ohio? Making college affordable and helping people stay in their homes are issues that affect so many people, not one party or another. These are REAL issues that can't be ignored or tagged as a Democratic or Republican issue.

We have heard Obama say he picked Biden because he isn't a 'yes' man. Let's give the guy a chance and hear his responses. At least he, according to Eric, is going to talk issues and not stage a photo op and run away.

When I was getting my Masters Degree at Kent over five years, the cost per class went from around $700 to over $1,100. The price increases are out of hand.

Eric Mansfield said...

Glad you're enjoying your move to the South.
I can tell you the people of Akron have NOT enjoyed fighting the recent fights to keep Goodyear and Bridgestone-Firestone from being lured to Tennessee and elsewhere south of the Mason-Dixon line.
Both candidates are pitching to Ohio voters that if they're elected, they'll improve the job market here. So I think it's a fair question to say "how can you improve the Ohio job market when Ohio's job are being coveted by southern states?"
And as for "lumping" all our military personnel, I think you're off base. The question I posed to both Biden and Obama (and I will to McCain and Palin if given the chance) focused on equalizing the benefits between Guarsmen/Reservists and their Active Duty counterparts. With Ohio among the top states in its military call-ups, it's a fair question for candidates looking to stump here.
Love your posting ... misguided as it is .. because it stimulates discussion. And in your case, shows how much you really focus on the messengers instead of the message.
Stay in touch .. Eric

Kyle said...

Eric, great job. Thank you for asking questions relevant to Ohio so that we can get a feel for whether Biden understands the issues effecting our state.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Becky has a bone to chew with someone . . . she just doesn't know who. So she picked you, Eric.

Ben said...


Not a Biden fan, but good interview.