Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Barack Obama's makes market stop in enemy territory

Sen. Barack Obama's unplanned stop at Stahl's Market near Ravenna was quite a treat for those who work and shop there .. and a surprise as well for the owners, who are Republicans.

WKYC reporter-anchor Chris Tye is on board the media bus that is trailing Obama's events in Youngstown and Berea today .. so Chris was able to cover Obama's market stop for tonight's newscast.

Meanwhile, I was dispatched from my story in Kent to get additional footage of Obama's stop at the market. We arrived too late to see Obama buy some peaches and talk to folks, but I did get a chance to talk with one of the market's managers, Donna Stahlnaker.

When it comes to visits by Presidential candidates, it seems the business's owners are the last to know.

Take a look:


Ben said...

What a guy = he stopped to get some fruit. He has my vote.

Village Green said...

Peaches are in glorious season at the moment -- good choice Obama!