Saturday, August 16, 2008

Returning to normalcy

After yet another trip outta town this summer, I think I'm finally back for a while.

My latest trip took my to Cincinnati all week for photography/editing training as part of our ever-changing broadcast business. That was preceded by my 40th birthday (don't even start) on 8-8-08.

Anyway, after missing much of the last six weeks, I plan to catch up on quite a few topics in the coming days .. plus a hint of some of the big news stories I'm hearing about .. and of course some fun and humor too.

By the way, Betsy Kling and her daughter are doing well, at least according to my wife, Lisa, who chatted with Betsy the other day as her maternity leave continues.

It's good to be back.


Chris H. said...

Have fun talking with Clarence on Monday. :)

Shelley B. said...

Hey Eric,

If it makes you feel any better, there is a pagan belief that when your birthday falls on such a special day (in your case, 8/8/08) that is your "birthstone year" and the entire year shall be blessed with good luck. Here's wishing you a merry birthstone year! (Mine was back in 2000, I turned 20 on the 20th of December :) )

Anonymous said...

Did She have a boy or a girl.. I was wondering about her.


Eric Mansfield said...

A little girl .. but at 22" long, I guess she's not really little.

Mom, Dad, baby doing well!