Thursday, August 28, 2008

A return of "Akron-Canton News" .. at least on-line

It's not quite an evening newscast .. nor is it "live from Akron" like we used to be .. but through the power of technology (and some help from WKYC director Frank Macek) ... I present to you Akron-Canton News -- the on-line edition.

The video player on the upper right side of the screen will provide all of the most recent Akron-Canton area stories we've aired at WKYC. Right now there's 20+ video stories in there from the last week+ .. everything from politics to crime to the Inventor's Hall to a sit-down interview with a local doctor. And you can jump ahead or go back to watch the stories in the order that you like.

Or you can sit back and watch them in sequence and get a full plate of news just from our area. I'll continue to load the other video player on this blog with my most recent story for those who just want the latest big story from the area.

Still, the Akron-Canton News player is at least a start .. and my hope is to add a few copy stories that I'll read from our Akron newsroom to kind of round-it-all out.

Anyway .. it's an experiment .. one that we can advance and tweak to make better.

So tell me what you'd like to see, and I'll work at it!



Dustin B. said...


This is a great start! I look forward to being able to watch Akron news again without having to watch Cleveland to get a couple of stories from our area. It would be cool if WKYC, and WEAO could work something out, to at least get the ten o'clock Akron newscast back on and over the air. But heck maybe your company will see the traffic on your web page and give you a few more resources to further develop the on-line edition that you are starting.

Chris H. said...


Now all WKYC has to do is cover Akron stories.


Frank Macek said...

Yeah!!! I Love it! Keep it coming!

Village Green said...

Thanks for doing this. I don't have the patience to sit through the Cleveland news to get a glimpse of Akron every now and then.