Saturday, August 30, 2008

Firefighters fighting blaze, news crews fighting to get there

If you haven't been outside in the last half hour in Summit County, go out right now and look East.

See all the black smoke? It's a big fire .. in Brimfield ... but it can certainly be seen for many, many miles.

I took this picture from Summit Mall to send to WKYC, which was still trying to figure out where it was.

At first, I called Akron dispatchers, and they told me it wasn't their fire but they were getting a lot of phone calls. Then I called Cuyahoga Falls dispatchers and was told that they knew nothing about it, had gotten no phone calls, and didn't have time to look out the window the rest of us.

I've since learned that it's a company off State Route 43 in Brimfield .. just north of I-76. Might be a recycling company just behind a Mexican restaurant. One of our producers is on the ground there and sending back photos and info for

Still, I've never seen a fire that's a full county away and yet the smoke is that clear in the distance.

I just spoke to our nightside videographer, who ironically lives very close to there, but he's still en route .. and probably won't reach the scene for another half hour.

More later ... Eric

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Ed Esposito said...

Letting Cleveland know where Brimfield Township, I miss the Akron Canton News more than ever.