Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Consider yourself warned ... ALL speed tickets are now $100

The speed cameras will be back tomorrow (Wednesday) as Akron Public School students return to class.

Yet, unlike the first two years of the program, there will no longer be a grace period where tickets only cost $35.

ALL tickets -- even those on the first day of school while your daughter is holding an apple for the teacher -- will cost you $100.

Lt. Richard Decatur of APD told me that the grace period was scrapped as Akron parents are now keenly aware of the program, which is supposed to include a sign warning you that you're approaching a speed camera.

Of course, some have argued that the program is unfair because it fines the owner of the car versus the driver .. while others just feel it's too expensive. The courts have ruled in Akron's favor so don't expect the cameras to go away any time soon.

By the way, I tried to find out which school will be targeted on day one .. but Decatur wouldn't budge ... so keep your eyes open tomorrow .. and let's all get our kids to school safely.


Anonymous said...

Lemme guess on #1--King School

Anonymous said...

I'll put in a guess for Resnik. Now that the construction is done I bet we will see it there often! I'd better watch out!

Anonymous said...

I think the characters of the George Orwell novel"1984" would be proud. I know Eric it is suppose to be public safty, but I still believe it's all about the money.

Eric Mansfield said...

I still think $100 is too much .. $25 would still send the right message.

To pay $100 when you were only doing 27 in a 20 MPH zone seems excessive .. especially during an economy where so many parents are struggling -- especially the inner-city parents who are the ones driving through the school zones.

As I recall, the $100 fine is the same fine you'd receive for the same violation if an Akron officer cited you .. so that argument makes sense.

Still, if the goal is to get parents to slow down (a good goal of which we can all agree) I think $25 would do the trick ... $100 is still too much .. and I wonder if Council would ever consider a reduction.

When I find out which schools got the cameras today, I'll let you know .. Eric

Swanny said...

Don't forget that only a small percentage of that $100 is actually going into the city's coffers. The majority of it ends up in the pockets of the company that runs the cameras.

FWIW, $100 fine is OK, so long as I am not getting any points on my license. These are civil fines, and not actual traffic citations.