Sunday, August 31, 2008

Betsy Kling and daughter are doing great!

Betsy Kling stopped by the newsroom Friday to say hello .. and to give the rest of us a chance to see her little bundle of joy, Josephine Frances, born in mid-July.

With Betsy's permission, I snapped this great photo of mom and baby hanging out in the newsroom.
She told me that it's been great having the Olympics on .. because it gave Betsy something to watch as "Josey" or "chicken" -- as she's been called -- has kept mom and dad up late.
By the way, reporter Paul Thomas .. a.k.a. "Dad" and "Betsy's loving husband", doesn't seem to get much of the credit or attention here .. but Betsy says Paul has been a great help .. and a great dad .. and has "the diaper stuff down pat" Betsy says.
Expect Betsy back on the air in the fall .. while Paul is already back in the newsroom -- a bit tired.


GotShirtsOhio said...

Wow! Josey AND Mom look absolutely adorable!!! Congratulations. :-) Newborns are God's most beautiful miracle.

~ Marcia in Tallmadge

vanillacokehead said...

Eric, thanks for sharing the pic. Betsy and baby look great. :)

leesamaree said...

Thanks Eric for posting an updated baby pic. of Josey as well as Betsy. Josey looks adorable and Betsy looks great, of course, as she always does. Thank Betsy for letting you post it. It is great to see updated pics. of Josey.

Ray Gray said...

That proud [yet humble] smile on the new Mothers face is worth a million words.

`Raymond in Cleveland

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting to see a pic of Josephine and Mom, thanks Eric.
Betsy is the cutest thing since sliced bread, I'm so happy for her and Paul. Having a baby is one of God's wonderful miracles, and any one of us parents remember our firstborn, nothing like it. Late nights and all. I'm looking forward to her return, but I think AJ is a hoot.

Leslie said...


Thanks for posting that pic..i was just doing a search to see if she had the baby!!! Gorgeous!

Do you have children?


Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?