Monday, August 4, 2008

Back to work ..

I'm returning to the office -- and the computer -- later this morning .. after a week's break to get some sun. Thanks to all who kept checking the blog in my absence ... hope you had time to catch up on a few topics and weigh in with comments (many of you did).

How is it that I leave for just one week and Firestone makes a deal to keep 1,000 jobs in town, the sewers-for-scholarship project has real points to debate, and the HOF, Golf Classic, and Twins Day all came and went? Oh, and Betsy Kling had her baby (a daughter weighing 8-11) while my colleague Barbara Gautheir up and left for a station in Georgia?

Seems a lot happens in a week.

I'll be reporting in Akron for the first part of today and then heading to Cleveland to anchor the 6 and 7 for Tim White ... plus trying to catch up on 500 emails, 200 phone messages, and 100 faxes all waiting at my desk.

Still, as long as I can make time, I need to blog about my near-tragedy in front of 2,000 people. Later today: How I almost died on the big stage.

Have a great Monday! Eric


Chris H. said...

Um. You miss the golf and HOF because you CHOOSE to miss the golf and HOF remember?


laurac19 said...

Welcome back Eric!! :) You were missed!! Hope you had a good time in the sun...