Monday, August 18, 2008

Bachelor party rape accusation getting top priority at APD

A 26-year-old Akron Police Officer is on paid leave tonight .. after a woman accused him of rape during a weekend bachelor party.

Here's my on-line story just posted.

The party was thrown by off-duty officers for an off-duty officer.

The 22-year-old woman from Wayne County called 9-1-1 around 5 a.m. Sunday from the Radisson hotel on West Mill Street. She said she met up with the men of the bachelor party Saturday evening at a downtown bar and then went back to the hotel room with them as the party continued. She claims she was assaulted between 4 and 4:30 a.m.

On the line with dispatchers, the woman didn't know where she was and didn't know the names of the men in the room .. other than they were Akron Police Officers and she believed they were all named "James". She admitted that she'd been drinking. A dispatcher told her not to take a shower until she met with police.

The police report itself doesn't shed a lot of light on what happened other than the woman was transported to St. Thomas Hospital.

Some of the officers who were at the party left for scheduled vacations Sunday and Monday .. so now investigators have to call them to find out what they know.

Police aren't saying yet what involvement any of the officer off-duty officers may have had .. so there's still a great many questions out there. I did ask FOP President Paul Hlynsky if officers other than the 26-year-old on the report were being accused of physically assaulting the woman and he told me "depends on which detective you talk to." Hlynsky had limited information .. and says he needs to give detectives time to do their jobs .. but right now doesn't feel the accused officer(s) crossed the line.

Any way you spin it, APD is taking another shot to the jaw .. at a time when rallies are being held to help build up support and faith in the Department.

A lot more needs to come out on this .. and it will in the days to come .. but right now, the force is short at least one officer at a time when every gunslinger is needed out on the beat.


anne said...

I hope there was no sexual assault, which is always a difficult thing to prove, especially when alcohol is involved. On the surface of it, it would seem to be her word verses that of several police officers who were attending the party. It all comes down to who is more believable--he said, she said.
The matter needs to be resolved ASAP for all concerned.

Anonymous said...


Any idea when Jim Donovan will be back?

Eric Mansfield said...

JD is sooooo committed to sports stuff right now .. doing daily shows on the Browns for STO as well as his committments to the Browns radio play-by-play and the Indians games on TV3 ... so he's around .. he's just so busy with the outside-the-newscast stuff that there's no time left for him to do the traditional evening news anchor stuff.

Once the Browns regular season starts, I think you'll see Jim regularly .. in the meantime, Dave Chudowski really is getting very comfortable in his spot . and he works his BUTT off believe me.

Anonymous said...

Why would you say every gunslinger needed on the beat? That is a bad choice of words . Police are not gunslingers, they go out everyday and risk their lives to protect us. Well I see the Mayor and Sommerville have someone else that doesn't support the police [you].

Eric Mansfield said...

Anon .. I think you've totally misinterpreted my posting.

"gunslinger" and "beat" are simply prose for story-telling .. and are not meant to be taken in a literal form.

I have several relatives who are local police officers, and spent 10+ years as a military police officer, including service side-by-side with police officers here in Ohio at the Lucasville Prison Riots.

Take a look at other posts on this blog and you may find a common thread both in tone and in message.

Stay in touch .. Eric

Anonymous said...


Quit looking for a reason to criticize.....that was totally taken out of context.

Anonymous said...

I am not the original person who questioned your use of the word "gunslinger". The dictionary defines a gunslinger as a gunman. A gunamn is defined as a ruffian. I have to agree that it may be prose, but I also have to agree that it is still a bad choice of words when referring to a police officer. Especially in Akron where the police department is coming under fire from the various citizens and with the lack of backing from the administration.

Eric Mansfield said...

Hey, I invite differing opinions .. and if my prose offends, I'm glad you told me.

Food for thought.

For the record, I hear the officers call themselves much worse than "gunslingers" or "ruffians." And for what it's worth, the word "cop" isn't very flattering either.

Thanks to all for sharing .. and debating .. it's what makes this country great.

Stay in touch .. Eric

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Hey Lynn, that logic is flawed?!?

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