Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Monica and me

I had the pleasure of co-anchoring the news Monday night with Monica Robins. We've known each other for years having both come to TV3 in the mid-1990s.

Believe it or not, it's the first time we've anchored together.

We joked before the 6 p.m. broadcast that the reporters who were live in the field would struggle with saying our names together. We both figured out that "Monica and Eric" is easier to say than "Eric and Monica."

Sure enough, the first reporter who was live Monday night just combined our names and said "Erica" in the toss back. We both had to keep from laughing, but we knew it was coming eventually.

After the show, Monica, Meteorologist A.J. Colby and a few others all shared stories of previous flubs in the "name game" of live of TV.

A.J. said that an anchor once tossed to him calling him "O.J." on the air ....

I remember that a reporter once had a liveshot talking with anchors Judd Hambrick and Dawn Stensland .. and he pitched back to "Dudd and John" .. meaning to say "Judd and Dawn."

The best thing most of us can do is pretend like it didn't happen and hope the audience doesn't catch on.

And by the way .. working with Monica is a great experience. She's a real pro as a journalist and is as down-to-earth as you'll ever find in television news. She's also got a singing voice that's powerful enough to win American Idol.

The good news is that Monica and I will be teaming up again Thursday and Friday this week at the anchor desk.

That should give our reporting staff plenty of warning so they can stop calling us "Erica" :)


laurac19 said...

I missed Monday's broadcast, but I'm going to have to watch tomorrow's and Friday's. Now I'm going to have to pay extra attention to what everyone calls each other now... :) Thanks for sharing the story, Eric!


vanillacokehead said...

You two worked well together on the air, Eric.

In a slightly related tangent, I remember when I worked one summer at WCUE radio in 1986 before it was given away to Family Radio.

One Sunday afternoon, I was going from a song to a commercial break and my mind must have still been at Kent State's college radio station (it was between my sophomore and junior years) and said, "The new 1150 AM, WKSR, WCUE!!!!". I finally keyed my mike off and had a good laugh. :)

Tim Lones said...

Eric and All:
Not a flub per se but I saw a story on a WKYC-TV Anniversary Video about Then-KYW/3's News Anchor Carl Stern: (Early 1960's)

Stern wore eyeglasses as a matter of need. However, it was hard for him to see with the glare of Studio Lights, but the director thought glasses made Stern look "Distinguished". The Director got the idea for Stern to wear frames-with no glass.

Stern said that he would on occaasion , while on the air, make like he was scratching his eye..Straight through the "glass" frames!..In all the years he was at channel 3, not one viewer caught on!