Friday, July 18, 2008

Ed & Jody Who doesn't love a good street fight?

I've had a tough day in Twinsburg covering the funeral of Officer Joshua Miktarian. I was so impressed with the turnout on such a hot day by many who didn't know him yet felt compelled to take part. I saw quite a few scout units too. I've never seen more police units and also never seen such a well planned large funeral where the media is involved.

I get a short break and then it's on to Kent to tape tonight's episode of NewsNight Akron. Having both Jody Miller and Ed Esposito on together makes my job easy because they love to argue, and our research shows that viewers like it best when JM & EE take a few swings. Playing the part of peacemaker in the middle will be Phil Trexler of the Akron Beacon Journal.

See ya tonight .. Eric


taawd said...

truly a horrible story. i hate covering officer's deaths and their funerals.

Katie said...


Ed and Jody delivered on last night's show. I agree with her statements on guns. The violence is overwhelming. It is a very hard topic because there really isn't any compromise that works.

I enjoy your blog very much and invite you to stop by mine for a read when you have time.

Take care,