Friday, July 4, 2008

"Are we having an earthquake .. in the newsroom?"

If you were watching Channel 3 News at 7 tonight, then you already know what I'm about to write .. but I've got to tell you, it really freaked me out.

I'm anchoring in Cleveland again tonight with Monica Robins. Tonight's show was going along just fine, but just as Betsy Kling was beginning her forecast, the news set began to shake .. and the lights began to shake .. and the walls began to shake.

I thought it was an earthquake. I mean, I really thought for a second that we were having a 5.0 on the Richter scale.

Now, having breaking news during a newscast would be unique by itself .. and from a journalist's perspective, pretty cool :) but seriously, an earthquake?

Monica Robins leaned in and told me that it's the trains going by .. and that they always make the newsroom shake. (She and Betsy found it pretty cute that I was scared. It's the big sister in them coming out.)

I was relieved, but at the same time, it still got to me a bit. How could that little ol choo-choo shake this big majestic broadcast beast?
Click on the video on the upper right to watch it all play out.

Ahhhhhh .. the things you learn when you visit the Cleveland office.

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yeaman said...

I started reading your story and was thinking how lucky I was by not being in town when that earthquake hit. Then I scrolled down to read the rest of your story. I laughed for awhile. I'm a locomotive engineer for CSX and when we bring a train in from out of town we stay at the Holiday Inn Lakeside two doors from WKYC. I feel for you brother. I've heard the rumble from twelve stories up but at least the room didn't shake!