Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My return to radio ..

With the end of the Akron-Canton News Broadcasts ... I'm now moonlighting. Or maybe it's should be called "sun"lighting .. as I'll be doing some side work as dawn arrives.

WAKR (1590-AM) has invited me to pinch-hit for Ray Horner as he takes some time off to be with his family. I'll be getting up early ... filling in from 5:30-9 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Monday. It'll be great to play host with WAKR's news, sports, and traffic crew .. which are all top notch.

I actually got my broadcast start in radio .. .airing monthly reports on the Akron Schools radio program in the late 80's ... and later with WDCR-AM -- a student radio station at the University of Dayton. And .. as coincidence would have it .. so did Ray Horner (pictured above). Ray's a few years older, but he too is a UD grad .. and he too got his start on UD's campus radio. We both also did play-by-play of UD sports events.

So it feels right to be filling in for my Flyer brother!

Now .. some day I have to tell you the story of my DJ marathon days at UD .. I stayed on the air for 101 hours and broke the school record .. which I think still stands!!!!

Anyway .. I've always loved radio .. I love the energy and the creativity when it comes to describing an event versus having to always depend on a video source to support it.

Anyway.. if you're up early, by all means tune in to 1590 ... and wish me luck .. I'm a bit rusty at the radio pace .. but I'm excited to have at it! It'll make for a long day because I'll still have my reporting shift on WKYC that begins at 10 a.m. .. so it'll be a long few days .. but well worth it.

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Laura said...

Good luck Eric! :)