Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Dump The Pump" Day 3 ... filler' up!

I was all set to bike to work today using a different route . and a different bike for that matter .. when child care issues came in to play and I had to drive instead. $4 a gallon here I come!

For what it's worth my co-workers are kidding me like crazy about trying to find other ways to work. Their top suggestions for me so far:

1. Roller Blading

2. Skateboard

3. Horse

4. Lawn Tractor

5. Rickshaw

6. Canoe

There's no way you're getting me on roller blades .... or roller skates .. or skateboards ... even in the driveway. Although all three could be a lot of fun on the West Market Street hill.

As for a horse, well .. let's just say riding a horse through downtown Akron would be a one-way ticket to a Beacon Journal photo .. and probably a citation from APD. Would they call a tow truck for my Thoroughbred?

My lawn tractor could be fun .. but it still burns regular unleaded .. so I'm not really accomplishing much. Although maybe I could pick up a few side lawn jobs on Merriman Road along the way. .. or maybe an endorsement from John Deere.

The rickshaw is my favorite, courtesy videographer Carl Bachtel. Not sure if he expects me to be the guy in the seat .. or the guy running along carrying the wooden handles ... but either one gets me noticed. I could probably sell advertising on the sides of the rickshaw .. and maybe add a catchy slogan of "we haul with class, while you save on gas!"

I only wish I could paddle a canoe up the little Cuyahoga ... but not quite sure how I'd haul it up Howard Street Hill to the Akron broadcast office. I need some of the native Americans who used to live in this area hundreds of years ago to show me the proper way to "portage" a canoe.

Remember .. tomorrow is the day to ride the bus for free ..

Any ideas I'm missing here? Please share ...

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