Friday, May 2, 2008

Watching Marc Dann melt down

Earlier today, we streamed Marc Dann's press conference live on .. click here to watch the first part, and here to watch the rest. (we had sattelite issues which is why it's in two chunks).

Update: the Plain Dealer has uploaded the 160+ page transcript of Dann's deposition.

I can't believe what I've been hearing. It was shocking enough to hear Dann say that he was firing two men who were close to him in his administration for their roles in a sexual harassment case involving staffers at the Attorney Generals Office .. but now Dann has just admitted to an affair of his own. He won't say who it was with, but didn't deny it was a woman from his office who resigned rather than ask investigators' questions.

He says he broke it off a few months ago .. and told his family back then as well. He also says he never expected to win the election and that he's been turning around his behavior and that of others in his office for the last few months.

Now that it's out in the open that there were some kind of "sexcapades" taking place at the condo shared by Dann and the two senior staffers who have now been fired for misconduct, Dann's credibility is shaky at best. Dann also admitted that knowledge of his own sexual misconduct probably contributed to other staffers feeling comfortable crossing that line.

Dann says he won't step down because he's still doing a good job at "customer service" within the AG's office. Reporters are grilling him on how he can fire other staffers for misconduct while not disciplining himself.

Considering the sharks that swarmed around Bob Taft's mistakes, the GOP will be going for Dann's jugular.

What a mess for Ohio .. more to follow .. Eric


Swanny said...

Marc Dann is a complete ass. He isn't going to resign right now, because he is busy looking for a soft spot to land. Rumor has it that Dem party chair, Chris Redfern, has been shopping Dann's resume around to some large Ohio law firms. Problem is, none of them want anything to do with Dann because he is such a pompous and arrogant jerk.

Seriously, the descriptions of what went on in that condo he shared with the other guys remind me of the movie "Old School". What are three grown men, each making $85K+, doing sharing a condo anyway? It isn't like they were living in a city where the cost of living is so high that sharing makes sense. This is Columbus we are talking about after all, not DC.

Seriously, Marc Dann just needs to resign. The sooner, the better.

Anonymous said...

Jugular not juggler. You could argue that his scheduler was his juggler - but she is gone now!

Eric Mansfield said...

you are correct .. call it fast writing while on my way out the door ...

all those "juggling her" seems like a good fit as well ...

thanks for being my grammar police .. Eric

Ben said...

I dont see how he can keep his job at this point

Anonymous said...

Great post. This scandal makes the NY mess look mild. Love the music on your blog :)

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder if there is an honest politician out there? The arrogance of these people and their abuse of power is absolutely crimminal. It was nice to see Strickland did take some time out of his Hillary campaign to comment.
Dann is as bad as we can get and not a thing is going to be done to him.

Anonymous said...

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