Friday, May 23, 2008

OMG - Akron's Aquarium was really in the plans!!!

I'm saying up front that this is not an April Fool's Joke Part II ... and I in no way knew any of this on that glorious day when I duped a number of folks in town with a blog post that a new, downtown aquarium was on the way for Akron. (At least one media organization called the University of Akron just to make sure I was really kidding.)
Turns out ... thanks to the keen eye of a friend of mine .. there were not only discussions of a downtown aquarium, but a firm in Boston, MA had drawings made (see above) and still has the idea on its website as a future project.
The site claims:
"The Akron Aquarium will be located in the center of downtown Akron, Ohio. Chermayeff, Sollogub & Poole have designed the aquarium to be a landmark and
cornerstone of the major urban revitalization mixed use master plan. The plan is focused around a central urban waterway which ultimately links with Lake
Erie. The waterway will be lined with shops, restaurants, offices, hotels and a renovation of Akron’s historic performing arts theater. The Aquarium will include a major world class ocean tank, multiple focus tanks, interpretive exhibits, aquarium shop and visitor services. The aquarium design is planned for future phasing and expansion. Opening planned for 2008."
I checked with city hall and have been told that the idea was killed two years ago ... but I'm still trying to get details on whatever the plan was at that time and just who planned to ride Shamu.

But right now .. all I have to say is .. what were the odds????

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