Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mayor Don a superdelegate?

Reporter Vic Gideon asked me today if Mayor Plusquellic is a superdelegate for the National Democratic Party. I told him that I started to check that very issue a few weeks ago, but I couldn't recall the outcome.

Anyway .. I emailed Mark Williamson at the Mayor's office tonight ... and he told me:
"Hasn't been determined in ohio yet. I think this weekend."

Based on the current lay of the land, it might be better for Mayor Plusquellic to not be selected as a SD this time around. He clearly backed Hillary Clinton in her campaign, and Clinton ended up winning the Akron area and the state. It would only seem right that as a SD, DP would cast his vote for HC. Yet, now that Obama looks like he's sealed up the nomination, buckeye SD's could be in a tough spot.

As I recall, U.S. Representatives Tim Ryan and Betty Sutton have already pledged their support behind Clinton. Of course, the vote is still many weeks away ... so a lot can change.

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