Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Katie Couric's stop at the Today Show to be brief

NBC's tease of Katie Couric's return to "Today" on Wednesday netted not less than 214 separate news stories (according to Google) as of 8:30 p.m.

A few of the headlines:

Couric to Make ‘Major Announcement’ on NBC’s Today
What Is Katie Couric’s “Major Announcement?”
Katie Couric's big announcement is out of the bag!
All Eyes on Katie Couric for 'Today Show' Announcement
Katie Couric's Major Announcement: Cancer Telethon

The fodder goes on and on .. but that last headline hit the ball out the park.

KC will join fellow network news anchors Brian Williams (NBC) and Charles Gibson (ABC) in doing the rounds tomorrow morning to promote a cancer fundraiser coming up in September.

All three networks joining forces on a broadcast IS a big deal, but you wonder why "Today" felt the need to generate buzz that some might feel is unnecessary. That happens sometimes in TV News .. and backlash or not, it obviously worked. I'm sure "Today" will score more viewers tomorrow with the big-3 anchors than the other morning shows because viewers will want to see how KC and Meridith Vieira get along.

I know I'll be watching ..

My favorite blog headline on the topic: CBS May Be Pondering Move From Couric Broadcasting System.

My favorite viewer comment from the story on wkyc.com: "Hopefully it's that she's retiring and taking Ellen, Oprah, Maury and Jerry with her!!!"

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