Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fence sends wrong message about Akron development

Every time I drive down North Street under the Y-bridge I just cringe. Here's why:

There's a new development under construction that should provide great new living space for inner-city families who truly need it. When complete, the homes will be a real showcase for turning a neighborhood around.

As construction continues, the new homes have been fenced off, which is understandable to secure the unfinished structures and the construction equipment.

But why is the top of the fence tilted inward towards the new homes? Shouldn't it be pointed outward to keep people outside? The way the fence is set up right now makes it look like a prison yard.

When a potential tenant goes inside the fence to survey the new homes, they turn around to a view that sends the wrong message. I realize the fence is temporary and will hopefully someday be replaced by a pretty white picket fence.
Still, at least for now with inner-city housing such a serious issue, shouldn't the little things be important when it comes to the area's image?


Ben said...

I think you are nit-picking here. I doubt any ill will was meant by whoever put it up. They probably just put up a fence to protect their stuff and nothing more was thought about it.

Eric Mansfield said...

I agree Ben .. but it's not the fact that there's a fence .. it's the fact that it's facing the wrong way ...

drive by a junk yard or industrial business and you'll see that they're fence tops point out .. for security .. only jails have them pointed inward ..

maybe i'm too sensitive .. as a broadcast journalist, i see everything through the camera's lense ... so it's always two-dimensional :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is so bad guys jump in but then can't jump out.

Dustin said...


I am pretty sure they put the fences up for the demo of the old units, and have not taken them down yet because I don't remember there being a fence on Phase I. for as long as there has been with Phase II. As for the wire supports being pointed in; probably someone thought it was funny around the old projects, and not relizing that there was something nice going to be built upon the site after the demo was complete.

Anonymous said...


I drove by these and you are correct, it looks odd. These are beautiful units in a great new neighborhood and the fence is sending the wrong message in the wrong direction. Do you know if these will remain?