Thursday, May 8, 2008

Breaking News: Papa Johns might be running out of pizzas

Note from a member of our newsroom moments ago: "corporate suit says pizza running out get ready for a big mess."

Considering the number of phone calls we've received from angry drivers today ... and the number of police calls we've heard go out of arguments and fights ... if the stores really do run out, it's going to be a major pie in the face. (Here's a shot from my camera phone of the West Akron store .. the crowd extending over towards Acme #1)

A gentleman from Cuyahoga Falls tells me that traffic near the state road store is backed up across the high level bridge. He fears that emergency crews won't be able to get through if need be. He says "it's just crazy out there."

Another friend of mine actually got a pizza and tells me "My dad, mom, and I waited for 2 1/2 hours at the store in Stow (it's on route 91). It was fun but people called ahead and got to go before us. That wasn't fair in my opition, but oh well."

Stay tuned .. the calls are still coming in . this could get ugly by dinner time .. Eric


Ben said...

Is it worth waiting that long for discounted pizza?

Swanny said...

This has to be the dumbest promotion since the infamous ten-cent beer night at Municipal Stadium. Since most of the people in line aren't fueled by cheap beer, this one looks to turn out a little better -- but not much. Seriously, I hope the municipalities all send Papa John's a bill for all the extra police this PR stunt has caused.

Anonymous said...

I went by 2 Papa John's today, on East Market and in Springfield Twp. Both lines were so long, it wasn't worth my time to wait. Made a run to "The Bell" instead.

What sense does it make to stand in line 2 1/2 hours for a pizza? My time is worth more than that.