Monday, May 19, 2008

Akron woman's siphoning woes only part of troubles

I had a real nice chat with Jenni Morrison outsider her Work Drive home today. It's not often you can meet someone who can smile and make light of being robbed for the fourth time in two months.

She's a hard-working, self-employed mother of two. Unfortunately, someone's been siphoning her gas tank dry in the middle of the night. Morrison recently invested in a locking gas cap, but that didn't stop last night's bad guys, who used a screwdriver to pry it open and take her fuel.

Her story will be featured tonight on Channel 3 News at 7 p.m. and also on the Akron-Canton News at 6:30 p.m. Later tonight, you can view her story on

If only stolen gas was Jenni's only problem.

Jenni also tells me that she and her husband are pursuing Concealed Carry Licenses because of the rising crime in her neighborhood. She lives a few blocks from the Delia Market, where last week a store clerk opened fire on three bad guys with guns who tried to rob the place. The clerk even "winged" one of the would-be robbers -- a teenager -- who was nabbed when he showed up at a local hospital bleeding in the arm.

Morrison pointed to three different spots on her street where she's witnessed teens and young adults fire weapons at one another. With two kids to raise, I can't imagine how stressful it must be to live on Morrison's street. I get the feeling she'd sell her house and move to a safer neighborhood if she could, but who's going to buy her house in this economy?

Still, she's trying to be compassionate and tells me she won't press charges even if police find out who's been unloading her unleaded. She knows the economy is tough, so she assumes it's teenagers who need the fuel more than she does.

Meanwhile .. she's left to wonder each morning if there will be fuel in the gas tank when she comes out to take the kids to school .. or to take her father to chemotherapy ... or just to get out on her route so she can earn money to pay the bills.

Sleeping with one eye open, worried about the gas in your tank is no way to live.


Anonymous said...

What a horrible story. You are correct that is no way to live. I would tell her to stay up at night with her rifle with a scope on it. And when the gas stealers show up greet them with a bang!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would assume that she doesn't live too far from me. We have had several armed robberies in our neighborhood and countless gas siphonings. The locking gas caps don't work any better than a home security system. They are cutting phone lines to disarm the alarms and harming dogs so that they won't draw attention to them. My opinion is that thieves will stop at nothing to get what they want...especially when the economy is declining like it is.
You are right about many people wanting to sell their homes just to live in safer neighborhoods!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for telling my story in a fair manner. You dont get much of that from the media. I would give my right arm to sell and move. We bought our home for the neighborhood. We all use to sit on our porches and talk with each other. Its just not safe to do that anymore. Its a shame when you have to watch your children play outside and watch for danger.