Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Akron store owner opens fire .. second in two nights

We're on the scene of a shooting in West Akron tonight at the Delia Market. Akron Police tell me that three would-be bad guys walked in and brandished a gun. That's when the store owner pulled a piece of his own and opened fire on them.

The would-be robbers beat feat .. but the store owner believes he hit one of them. Officers have one man in custody with a gunshot wound. They're trying to make sure it's the same guy.

Turns out, we had another of these store shootouts last night. Two masked men tried to hold up the Dairy Mart at 587 West Market (not far from the Delia Market by the way) when an employee opened fire and the bad guys took off.

Be careful out there everyone.



vanillacokehead said...

*chuckle* Owner carries only 20 ammunition!

Anonymous said...

The recent "incidents" on the West Side are why hubby is now carrying Mr. Glock (legally) everywhere he goes. Thinking that maybe I should learn gun safety and concealed carry laws also. Never been a gun advocate, but it's scary out here!!!!


Swanny said...

Kudos to both of these individuals for having the courage to defend themselves. The only way these thugs are going to be stopped is by people that stand up to them and meet force with force. Thankfully, we live in a state that recognizes our 2nd Amendment rights and now allows us to carry concealed weapons with a permit. I don't mean to make this sound like the Wild West, but as soon as a few of these thugs are left bloody and dying in the streets by citizens defending themselves, the tide will start to turn.

Anonymous said...

I live in the neighborhood of Delia Market. My hubby and I are both taking the gun safety classes to carry a conceled weapon. Its just getting dangerous to leave you home in this area before dawn and dusk. Gas/Food prices are driving people to do dangerous and dumb things. Had to buy locking gas caps after having gas shiphoned 3 times.

Eric Mansfield said...

Dear anonymous living near the Delia Market ...

wow .. you've endured a lot . . be careful out there .. any chance I could interview you about taking the safety classes and your gas being siphoned? that's a new one to me but one worth telling folks about .. if so, email me your name and phone number at .. thanks .. Eric