Thursday, April 3, 2008

Showing Akron pride by stepping up to the plate

I found this vanity plate in a parking lot a week ago .. and didn't know whether to track down the driver to ask him or her why he or she chose our hometown for a license plate. The more I thought about it, the more it really didn't matter why the driver did it; it only mattered that they think enough of our town to advertise it.

Truth be told, I'm not much for vanity plates anyway .. except if they're on really, really unique or antique cars. Seeing U4IA or I8PIE on the back of a 98 Nissan just doesn't do it for me.

The extra cost is worth it for many folks ... so if it's something they feel strongly about it, go for it.

A few years ago, the local license bureau actually called me when the plate "CH23TV" became available to see if anyone in our office wanted to purchase it. I was really touched that they thought to call. I thought about it, but realized the 94 Saturn I was driving back then didn't need the extra attention.

I'm remember LeBron's speeding ticket from January .. and his vanity plate that read "KNGOFAKRN" ... or something like that. If you're trying to stay incognito, a plate like that doesn't help.

During my military years, soldiers were discouraged from paying for vanity plates that would identify them as members of the U.S. Army. We were told that identifying ourselves with "82ndAB" or "SGTJONES" would make us targets for terrorists or bad guys looking to buy us drinks so that we'd spill the beans with top secret intelligence.

Still .. whoever out there bought "AKRONOH" ... I tip my hat to you ... for this indeed is a great city in which to live.


Leesa said...

That is SOO funny that you mention that plate - I had the same thought as you when I saw it on Route 8 North (near Hudson) a couple weeks ago!!! Quite Original. I had my first name on my plates years ago and found it strangely odd when I'd stop at traffic lights and people would call me by name!

Ben said...

There is nothing I hate more than vanity plates. Seriously, I get so mad every time I see one.

Head Nut In Charge said...

cool post. I have a site dedicated to vanity license plates. can i feature your text, photo and link it to your site from my blog sometime?