Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pot Luck Tuesday

Been bouncing from story to story today ..

Right now, we're trying to get additional information tonight on the death of a 16-year-old student in Louisville. Police say her car hit a school van head-on this afternoon .. killing the van driver as well. We also got video of a hit-skip accident that turned into a chase and crash later in Munroe Falls.

I spent about 45 minutes in a teleconference with State Senator Kevin Coughlin talking about the upcoming vote for Summit County GOP Chairman. He's hoping that Alex Arshinkoff will agree to let state GOP leaders run the local secret ballot, but neither AA or anyone from party HQ has returned his calls yet.

I don't expect that AA is going to let the New Summit Republicans tell him that they don't think he can run an organized, civilized, and fair party election .... but I do hope the two sides can agree to some ground rules so that the actual vote for either AA or Carol Klinger doesn't turn into a shouting match.

I think it's exciting that we're finally ready to move forward with the U of A groundbreaking for the new stadium ... high noon on Friday ...

In reviewing our tape from yesterday's Tribe pre-game show, I now see that I'm the only on-air reporter who wore tribe gear. Last year, all of the reporters donned it .. but this year, I misunderstood the directions .. and since I was the only reporter at my liveshot location (in between the "Q" and the "P" on the plaza) I didn't realize I was the lone wahoo-ian.

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Ben said...

Good to hear you on the call today. I expect the race to be very close.