Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Man behind "The Director's Cut"

Frank Macek is one of those people who exists in my ear. Kind of like a conscious that whispers things but you never actually see him in human form.

By day, Frank is one of WKYC's best directors .. working every show that TV3 puts out. Many nights he's directing the Akron-Canton News at 10 .. which explains why he's "in my ear."

Frank is also the driving force behind one of the most popular blogs on the local broadcast circuit. His Director's Cut chronicles life both in front and behind the camera .. and helps us catch up on folks who live the TV3 life as well as those who've put TV in the rear view mirror.

Yet even those who read Frank's blog daily, don't know what he's actually like.

I caught up with my fellow blogger in the Cleveland newsroom today for a chat. It's the least I could do after he shared the cool music application I posted her earlier today.

Without further delay, here's Frank Macek:

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