Friday, April 11, 2008

Back from DC-NY

I always love coming home ... and this time, I really love it.

I've been on quite an adventure on a DC-NY school trip with my oldest son. Imagine taking in both our nation's biggest city and its capital surrounded by 40+ 13-year-olds who also study drama? As if just being 13 isn't dramatic enough :)

I'm exhausted and trying to get my bearings .. while also catching up on the week's news while I was away.

So far I've figured out ... wi-fi for part of Akron .. David Brennan's still in trouble .. Carol Klinger is setting an agenda for a group she doesn't yet lead .. and Inventure Place is closing for a while. Does that about cover it?

Let me catch up .. see what things await me in the 1,000+ emails that are there .. and I'll drop a blog entry or two or three about a number of stories I'm hearing about ...


Anonymous said...

The difference between Klinger and Arshinkoff is that she proposes set rules that will govern the Central Committee. Alex makes the rules as he goes along to benefit only himself.

Anonymous said...

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