Monday, April 28, 2008

Akron's First Glance deserves support

I had a great experience Saturday that's certainly worth more of the community taking note. I joined a group of friends from the Chapel to volunteer at First Glance -- a non-profit, community program in Kenmore that provides a positive place to hang out for hundreds of teens and young adults with a Christian message.

Their center on Kenmore Boulevard needed some lighting and other work .. which is where my buddies and I came in. Anyway, the program has been thriving and growing for seven years .. and has been featured in the ABJ and elsewhere, including a story I did last year on WKYC about their teen moms program. They've also put together a "Stop Having Sex" group to help teens fight peer pressure as they approach adulthood.

For all of the complaints about teens and young adults being out of control in Akron, this is one that critics should take note.

Anyway .. before we finished Saturday, I spoke briefly with the director of First Glance, Noelle Beck, about what the program does and needs.

You can learn more about opportunities to help our local teens through First Glance at their home page.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Eric for the good press!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great press!