Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Trying to keep up ..

Sorry for being so negligent in writing over the last week ... I've been working on a number of different stories outside the office while trying to keep up with my sons' busy schedules .. and it hasn't left much writing time.

Here's a few notes to pass along:

LeBron James' bike-a-thon in June will include a military theme this year. I'm told he'll have a group of veterans holding different flags standing shoulder-to-shoulder at the finish line and has some other events planned involving our service members. Details on the way but it's a neat way to add some more depth to his annual fundraiser.

By the way, the folks who are criticizing the Vogue cover photo featuring LeBron as racist need to grow up. If you've watched the Cavs play, you've seen LeBron make that roaring face after a big basket so it's already within his character as a player. I hate when the media, me included, read stories that say "some are saying that this photo is racist ...." but we never say who the some are. I think the author quoted on the Today Show who compared LeBron to King Kong made a serious feux pas. In the end, if LeBron wasn't offended by the shot, I don't see that we should be making controversy where there isn't any. That's my two cents.

A second "healing field" is on the way, but for a different cause. Last year, the giant field of American Flags was created at Goodyear Metro Park as a fundraiser for the All-American Soap Box Derby. This year, a similar event with Old Glories for sale is being planned for early July to help generate funds to repair and restore local monuments and also to raise funds for a new Veterans Service Commission building near the Arlington-Waterloo Road intersection.

The City of Akron's decision to forgive some debt for the downtown Raddison hotel points to a bigger issue. While yes the hotel has kept its word on renovations and running the business on the up-and-up, the bigger issue is keeping the Raddison afloat in the wake of decreasing downtown bed spaces period. Remember, the U of A's purchase of the Quaker took half of the hotel's beds away, and we don't yet have a player (at least an announced one) to replace those spaces. City and county leaders are keenly aware that a lack of beds hurts opportunities for bringing conventions and other events to town, so it's definitely something they'll continue to research.

Do you have a favorite Tribe Home Opener memory? If so, we want to hear from you at I should have the specific details by Friday of how to submit your story, but start jotting down your memories and digging out those old photos and I'll let you know how to submit them. It can be from the old stadium or Jacobs Field as long as it's your story. Details coming soon.

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Ben said...

My favorite Opening Day memory is the first game at Jacobs Field....Sandy Alomar breaking up Randy Johnson's no hitter late in the game and the Indians winning in the 11th on Wayne Kirby;s single.