Friday, March 28, 2008

Tribe memories ... and a request for fan stories!

I'm getting ready for my opening day assignment. I'll be live outside of Progressive Field talking about a U of A student whose been hired as one of the Tribe's stadium announcers. Pretty good gig for a kid whose only 21.

After that, I'm looking to do a story on a fan or fans .. anyone going to the game or know someone who is who would be a good story? Someone going to their 25th consecutive home opener? A couple who met at a home opener and then got married maybe? Just brainstorming.

If you've got a story idea, email me at and tell me their story and how to contact them .. would love to tell a fresh story about some great fans ...

By the way, our staff gave us each the assignment of posting our thoughts on previous home openers. So you can read my favorite memories at There's also a spot there now for you to share your own tribe memories.

My actual favorite memory came in 1989 when I caught a foul ball on the fly at the old stadium and received an "honorary contract" from the Indians. I still have the ball and the contract.

Go Tribe!


Ben said...

jacobs field: went to a game in 1995 with my dad. we sat in the last row of the bleachers and in the 9th inning everyone was banging on the sheet metal. it was the night albert belle hit a HR in the bottom of the 9th off of Lee Smith of the then California Angels. It was then I think I thought the Indians might be for real. My dad was annoyed with all the people banging on the metal all game, but by the 9th he was doing it too.

Cleveland Stadium: Probably just walking around the Stadium when we got bored. I remember when Pizza Hut went in one of the sections in the lower deck - it was a huge deal. Game wise, probably being there on say in Sept 1989 (?) and Julio Franco was caught stealing 2nd the same time the crowd erupted and started cheering and I asked my das why...he said the Browns must have scored. I think it was the season opener that year when they beat the Steelers like 51-0.

Leauge Park: One game we were sitting there....nevermind.

Eric Mansfield said...

Love the Franco comment .. loved how the crowd used to cheer "Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulio" when he would come up.

One of my favorite memories was in the early 90s when I saw Carlos Baerga hit two home runs in the same inning .. one left-handed and one right-handed. When he came up the second time that inning and was batting from the other side, I told my wife that "if he hits another one right now it'll be something no one has ever done in the history of the game" ... and sure enough he hit it.

I remember being bored at the old stadium too .. I remember paying bucks to watch the Indians win a game 1-0 on a bases loaded walk in the ninth. Carmon Castillo was up at bat. The tribe officially won the game but no one cheered because it was such an awful game.