Tuesday, March 4, 2008

School levies split, Summit County BOE delivers

Summit County's count went smooth tonight .. with 100 percent counted in a reasonable amount of time. I'm so glad I was covering this BOE instead of the Cuyahoga County mess tonight.

Senator Clinton's speech has eaten up much of our planned 11 p.m. newscast. I was able to do one live-shot with news of our school levies. Three levies (Barberton, Coventry, Manchester) passed .. while three others (Nordonia, Stow-Munroe Falls, and Tallmadge) all failed. Summit voters approved Issue 8 (RTA) while Stark voters are shooting down Issue 22 (MRDD).

So it's pretty much a split of a night .. about what I expected.

Moments before Senator John McCain went on the air, his campaign blasted out his speech embargoed until it was read. It was odd to sit here in Akron reading along with the words as he became the official party nominee.

Tomorrow's headlines will center on the Cuyahoga County vote .. and the overall count for the Buckeye State. Of course, who knows where we'll be as far as the Texas vote either. It's 11:30 p.m. and Hillary ended right on time for the Ohio stations to dump out to the late-night shows without leaving time for Barack Obama to say anything of his own. Don't for a minute ever think the candidates aren't watching the clocks and thinking of the local evening news cycle.

Of course, for all the positive energy at the Summit County Board of Elections tonight with a job well done, tomorrow morning .. a mere 9 hours from now .. the Board will look to add a new member Don Varian as a GOP representative. That move was approved after the Supreme Court shot down a challenge by Alex Arshinkoff to stay that decision. The supremes did however order the Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to expedite a hearing for AA to make his case on why Brian Daley (AA's choice) should be the GOP representative instead of Varian (Brunner's choice). I'm not sure if AA will be at the hearing to try and chain himself to a door to stop it, but the way this issue has gone, I'm not sure that anything is out of bounds any more.

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