Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My pal Carole ...

A short video of my trip north to WKYC today .. and a few moments with one of my favorite reporters. Carole and I go way back to WAKC, the "old Channel 23" here in Akron. As an intern, I knew Carole had the right stuff .. and I still think she could take over the Today Show whenever she wants!

Anyway .. I had my pocket video camera with me .. and after learning that Carole will likely leave on maternity next week, I asked her for an interview .. enjoy.

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Buck said...

Carole is such a good person...individually and career-wise. I too remember her from the "old WAKC tv 23 days." You're right. You could see it back then that she had the right stuff. I'm very happy for her.

Carole, congratulations on baby #2! Best wishes! ;)