Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Local voting experiences vary ...

Did your trips to the local polling places go smoothly today? What did you notice? Were any political supporters too close for comfort?

The Secretary of State believes we may top the 4 million mark for voter turnout .. so this will certainly be a day we remember for a while.

Our phones have rung throughout the day with complaints about the process (no one would ever call to say they had a good experience at the polls anyway). One lady just called yelling at me that Kucinich and Edwards still had their names on the ballots. I tried to explain to her that the ballots are printed ahead of time and re-printing at the last minute is costly but she didn't really seem to care that I have no power in that arena.

Anyway, I'd love to hear how your experience went today .. so please share your experiences with a comment below ...

(By the way .. several bloggers including Jill Zimon of Writes Likes She Talks will be blogging from our news at WKYC later this evening. If you're following politics tonight, Jill's blog will be a good one to visit... )


Village Green said...

Voting experience -- easy, no prob. I do not vote for single candidates running opposed -- waste of time filling in the dots.

Voted for Issue 8. Sure hope it passes.

Village Green said...

Er mean to say running "unopposed." See, bloopers can happen online as well as on air!

vanillacokehead said...

I was one of the first dozen waiting for the polling place at Lions Park in Cuyahoga Falls to open at 6:30. All in all, I was in and out in less than 10 minutes.

There were a few "out of the gate" jitters from a couple of the election judges first thing; but they were quickly resolved.

My wife voted at about 7:15 pm at the same polling place and was in and out in less than five minutes and had no problems at all.

Jill said...

Eric! I am so bummed! I didn't make it down there - I was finished with my meeting at 9:35, called down there and was told that it was so awful, someone else had already turned around on their way down and gone home. So...I am home, about to hunker down. The BBC is calling for a perspective at 1:30am!

Good luck - I'm going to get cozy and start watching in a few.