Monday, February 18, 2008

Surely you can't be serious ..

Anyone check their insurance policy to see if you're covered should this satellite that's out of control crash into your house?

Is it still considered an "Act of God" if you can trace the projectiles that smash through your windows all the way back to President Bush?

Would the government pay to replace my garage if a piece of steel traveling a gazillion miles miles per hour rains down from the heavens?

Will I need proof that the sphere that's imbedded in my bed is actually from the satellite?

The longer this story plays out, the more I keep wondering if a real-life Jack Baeur isn't out there to fly up in the Space Shuttle and take immediate action -- in 24 hours of course :) If it's really this dangerous, I'm surprised our government didn't just shoot it down quietly and let the "chips fall where they may."

Seriously though ... for all the New Orleans folks who thought they were covered when the levies broke ... I wonder if my policy covers extraterrestrial disasters?

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Don't call me Shirley.